Producing backups is a feature which is offered by the vast majority of Internet hosting businesses around. That's a rather useful function since it's a guarantee that you will not lose important data in the event that something happens with your Internet sites and there are many possible reasons for that - someone getting access to your account, deleting content by mistake, carrying out an unsuccessful update of a script-driven app, and so on. So long as you've got a backup, the damage in any one of these cases is reversible, but you will have to take action swiftly because most businesses keep only one backup a day and every new one removes the previous one, so a delay of 2 days means losing everything. Our innovative backup system was designed with the idea to prevent this sort of scenarios and it'll permit you to select what content to restore and from what date since you shall have a large number of backups to choose from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Hosting

When you obtain one of our cloud hosting plans, we'll keep backups of your whole information 4 times every day, so if anything should be restored, you could use the latest copy, which means no loss of info or minimal harm in case that you've added data after the last backup was made. You will also be able to search through all backups going 1 week back through the File Manager section of your CP, thus you can effortlessly find and restore the files that you need from the specific time that you need. The restoration is as simple as copying a file or a folder from one spot to another, so no particular expertise are needed. For security reasons all backup files are read-only to make certain that content cannot be erased from them by mistake. With this platform you will never need to worry about the integrity of your data no matter what because we'll normally have at least several copies which you shall always be able to search through from within your Control Panel.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

You will be able to take full advantage of our groundbreaking backup system with every single semi-dedicated servers services we offer and by default we'll maintain a minimum of 4 copies of your content each day. All backups are stored for a minimum of 1 week, so you are able to restore any info whenever you require it and from whatever date you need it. What differentiates our platform from what other firms offer is the power to browse all backups as normal folders in the File Manager section of your account. All the information that you will locate there is read-only to avoid any probability of deleting it accidentally and restoring a specific file, folder or Internet site is as easy as copying it from the backup directory to the location within your account where you require it. This feature will save you time and will allow you to restore any content even in case you have zero experience and that's the first Internet hosting account you're using.